Commercial Humidors

Commercial Humidors

All of our commercial humidors are designed with the consumer in mind and for the cigar enthusiast that loves to display their cigar collection. Cigar shop owners will find a range of store humidors perfect for point of sale setups and countertop use. All units are designed for full optimum visibility of your cigars. From low profile counter units to taller upright displays, customers will always be able to see what it is you are offering. Have the need to house a larger number of cigars? Our selection of commercial cigar humidors, cigar cabinets, end tables, free standing humidors and electronic climate controlled units provide store owners the best in cigar preservation and presentation at exceptional price points.

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  1. THE Redford Espresso

    THE Redford Espresso

    Item# RDFD/ESP

    1250 Ct Electronic Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet. Auto-Regulates Temp & Humidity
  2. The Diamond Plate

    The Diamond Plate

    Item# DMDPLT

    250 Cigar Showcase w/ Industrial Metal Diamond Plate Styling & Removable Acrylic Trays
  3. THE Remington Lite

    THE Remington Lite

    Item# RMGTN/LT

    2000 Ct Humidity Temperature Adjustable Cigar Cabinet.
  4. THE Redford Lite

    THE Redford Lite

    Item# RDFD/LT

    1250 Ct Electronic Humidor Cabinet. Automatic Climate Control
  5. THE Clevelander

    THE Clevelander

    Item# CLVDR

    250 Ct. Cigar Cooler w/ Temperature Control & Digital Hygrometer
  6. THE Reagan

    THE Reagan

    Item# REAGN

    4000 Ct Automatic Climate Controlled Cigar Humidor Cabinets w/ Digital Display
  7. THE Manchester

    THE Manchester

    Item# MCHST

    250 Ct. Black Bar Top Counter Display Humidors w/ 4 Drawers & Chrome Hardware
  8. THE Laurence

    THE Laurence

    Item# LAURC

    75 Ct. Acrylic Counter Display Case Humidor with 3 Storage Sections & Locking Door
  9. THE Marciano

    THE Marciano

    Item# MRCNO

    250 Ct. Countertop Display with 3 Large Removable & Reversible Trays & 4 Glass Sides.
  10. THE Volterra Wood

    THE Volterra Wood

    Item# ROOSV/W

    250 Ct. Table Top Acrylic & Wood Commercial Cigar Humidor w/ Locking Door
  11. THE Verona Wood

    THE Verona Wood

    Item# FRKLN/W

    150 Ct. Acrylic & Wood Counter Top Humidor w/ 6 Storage Bins & Locking Door
  12. THE Madison

    THE Madison

    Item# MLNO

    125 Cigar Humidor w/ 3 Angled Shelves & 4 Glass Sides. Perfect for Countertop Display.
  13. THE Modina

    THE Modina

    Item# MDNA

    100 Ct. Angled Countertop Display Humidor w/ Glass Top, Gold Pull & Lock & Key Set.
  14. THE Volterra

    THE Volterra

    Item# ROOSV

    250 Count Bar Top Acrylic Cigar Display w/ 3 Shelves, 6 Adjustable Dividers & Locking Door
  15. THE Verona

    THE Verona

    Item# FRKLN

    150 Count Acrylic Commercial Humidor Display w/ 6 Storage Sections & Door
  16. THE Remington

    THE Remington

    Item# RMGTN

    2000 Ct Electronic Controlled Cigar Humidor Cabinet. Climate Adjustable.
  17. THE Redford

    THE Redford

    Item# RDFD

    1250 Ct Electronic Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet. Auto-Regulates Temp & Humidity
  18. THE Billagio

    THE Billagio

    Item# STRG

    4000 Ct. Cabinet Cigar Humidor w/ Crown Molding, Huge Cigar Tray & Lower Storage.
  19. THE Bateman

    THE Bateman

    Item# BRMDA

    4000 Ct. Humidor Cigar Cabinet w/ 12 Trays, 24 Dividers & 24 Humidifiers
  20. THE Lemans

    THE Lemans

    Item# BRBTS

    2000 Ct. Cabinet Humidor w/ Free Cigar Oasis Electronic Humidification System
  21. THE Santiano

    THE Santiano

    Item# SNTGO

    700 Cigar End Table Humidor w/ Beveled Glass, 2 Cigar Drawers & Lower Storage
  22. THE Bolivar

    THE Bolivar

    Item# SPRT

    1000 Count Cigar Cabinet Humidor w/ Free Cigar Oasis Electronic Humidification System
  23. THE Oxford

    THE Oxford

    Item# BLMNT

    600 Cigar Free Standing Cabinet Humidor w/ Glass Door, 3 Huge Trays & Drawer

23 Items

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