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The Kensington Gift Set exhibits the highest standards in craftsmanship and design to bring this exclusive humidor collection with matching cigar accessories. Makes the PERFECT gift for the cigar aficionado! The low profile and wide stance combined with its ultra deep high gloss ebony cherry wood finish make for a brilliant appearance. Opening the Kensington's lid reveals a gorgeous set functional cigar accessories. Tucked neatly into its interior, you will find a full size matching cherry ebony wood and stainless steel ashtray that accommodates 2 cigars and a handsome leather cigar case. You also get a stainless steel guillotine cutter, a polished 'mirror finish' silver humidifier and a highly precise silver frame external digital hygrometer. The built-in hygrometer displays current relative humidity & temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The underside of the Kensington's lid includes a steel plate which allows the humidifier to attach magnetically. This eliminates the need to use double faced tape or two-sided velcro. A magnet is recessed into the back of the humidifier for reliable mounting every time. An elegant and exclusive high end humidor set at a fantastic price.

Holds Up To 75 Cigars
Lacquer Humidor Gift Set with Matching Accessories
Ultra-Rich High Gloss Ebony Cherry Wood Finish
Matching Wood Ashtray
Polished Silver Humidifier
Leather 2 Cigar Case
Stainless Steel Guillotine Cigar Cutter
Silver External Digital Hygrometer (Battery Included)
Adjustable Divider
Spanish Cedar Lined
12 ½ W x 10 ¾ D” x 4 1/3 H

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